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We Go to Eleven...

… to help you and your family do hard things. In 2024, Apex celebrates eleven years serving individuals and families throughout California. We represented those with no financial resources to billionaires (yes, plural).  But we’ve been doing this much longer. With professionals having combined 90 years in legal experience, we prefer to meet clients early to utilize our strong, smart, and steady™ expertise to protect them from the expenses associated with managing crises. Our team includes certified experts in family law and no matter what stage your transition is in, we help you choose and navigate through your process, hitting all the “apexes”1“F1 Drivers Explains: What is an apex?” along the way, to resolve your issues. Please call us early and often. We can help.



We're Flexible

We’re Flexible

Apex Family Law will meet you where you are. Taking advantage of improved virtual meetings and communication, we are able to guide you through transitions that can be challenging or even overwhelming.  Whether negotiation, mediation or litigation, Apex Family Law has what you need. We are strong, smart and steady in guiding you through challenging and overwhelming family transitions.

We’re Experts

We are experts in cohabitation and premarital agreements (“prenups”), transitions within marriage by way of post-marital agreements and financial counseling, same sex couples issues including out-of-state marriage, Registered Domestic Partners, and paternity actions, domestic violence matters, and as well as the more traditional legal separation and divorce (dissolution of marriage).

Agreements between partners

Premarital/prenuptial, cohabitation, post-marital, separation agreements

Custody, Parentage, and Paternity

Parenting/visitation plans, disputes about raising children, disputes about who is a parent and how they should parent

Transitions and Modifications

Agreements to facilitate transitions and changes to relationships including modification of prior agreements

Legal Separation & Divorce

Premarital/prenuptial, cohabitation, post-marital, separation agreements

Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanisms

Mediation, private judging, collaborative and other procedures to keep parties out of Court and reduce legal fees

Domestic Violence & safety issues

Mediation, private judging, collaborative and other procedures to keep parties out of Court and reduce legal fees

We’re Ready

Our crew is ready at a moment’s notice to represent individuals, families and entities facing significant and difficult family transitions.

Raquel L. Sefton

Raquel L. Sefton


With more than three decades of family law experience, Ms. Sefton provides sophisticated, technology-enabled representation in a broad range of complex family law matters to successful professionals, entrepreneurs, business leaders, individuals with legacy wealth and their significant others.
Craig Bridwell

Craig Bridwell


Craig focuses on matters related to the dissolution of marriages and domestic partnerships, custody, child and spousal support (alimony), and asset division, and transactional work on premarital agreements, post-marital agreements and co-habitation agreements.

Carlos A. Ramirez

Carlos A. Ramirez


Carlos is a problem solver and has represented Bay Area entrepreneurs and professionals in a variety of fields including law, technology, banking and finance, real estate and construction.

Cassandra T. Glanville

Cassandra T. Glanville


Cassandra focuses her practice on resolving complex, high-conflict family law disputes. She provides pragmatic, strategic counsel on a range of sensitive matters.

Apex Family Law also employs the best support crew to assist in your family law transitons. From office managers to legal assitants, the crew stands ready.

We’re Tested

Family transitions are deeply personal. At Apex Family Law, protecting our clients’ privacy is paramount. Nevertheless, some of our clients have offered to share their stories about how Apex Family Law guided them through difficult and complicated issues in their personal lives.

Read more testimonials.

“…helped to guide me through the emotional ups and downs…”

“…professionalism, responsiveness, and smarts…”

“…Raquel and her stellar team worked well with my needs…”

“…quick study who does not have to dominate the conversation..”

“…prepared to act in a measured and forceful fashion when required…”

“…inter-personal smarts were key to effective negotiations…”

We Are Ready

Our team is back and we are here for you when you are facing significant and difficult family law transitions. Contact us for  caring, thoughtful, and strong support.





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