Strong • Smart • SteadyTM

We dedicate ourselves exclusively to the representation of sophisticated individuals, families and entities facing significant and difficult family law transitions. Led by Raquel L. Sefton, a Certified Family Law Specialist*, our attorneys are uniquely suited to address the most complicated family law matters.

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Strength is not aggression. Strength is not antagonistic. There is physical strength, mental strength, strength of conviction, and strength of character. The strong do not have to impose their will but have the resources to stand up for what is right, for themselves, their children, their family, and their future. Strength is often knowing when to stand down and compromise. Let us help you formulate a plan to utilize your strength to achieve your goals.


All the strength in the world is useless unless it is purposefully utilized. Being steady will leave you stranded unless you have a plan. Our professionals pride themselves on their strategic and legal smarts. Intellectual and legal resources are key in navigating the complex realm of family law. Our professionals not only have the best education but access state-of-the art resources and keep abreast of the latest developments in law. Let us use our smarts and experience to keep you strong and steady in your family law matter.


As one of the most emotionally charged areas of the law, our ability to keep you steady is critical to resolving your family law matter in an efficient and effective manner. Through the twists and turns of negotiations to the strain that can be an evidentiary hearing or trial, we have the experience, skills, and expertise to keep you steady and focused on our goals.

Agreements between Partners

Premarital/prenuptial, cohabitation, post-marital, separation agreements 

Custody, Parentage, and Paternity

Parenting/visitation plans, disputes about raising children, disputes about who is a parent and how they should parent, issues relating to mental health and substance abuse as it impacts children and families, child protective services/CPS

Transitions and Modifications

Agreements to facilitate transitions and changes to relationships including modification of prior agreements addressing transitions such as child custody, child support and spousal support modifications where allowed and appropriate

 Legal separation and dissolution (divorce)

Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanisms

Mediation, private judging, collaborative and other procedures to keep parties out of Court and reduce legal fees

Domestic Violence and Safety Issues